About the ADF

Our Purpose & Work
Learn about what the ADF does and why

The Australian Defence Force is one of the world's leading military organisations. We fulfil key defensive roles as well as providing a range of peacetime services.

Learn about the tech that gives us the edge

In the ADF you'll experience some of the world's most advanced aircraft, ships, vehicles, weaponry and ICT systems.

See where you’ll work when you join

You'll find the ADF located right across Australia and on vessels worldwide. Personnel may also be deployed overseas on combat, disaster relief, peacekeeping and aid provision operations.

People & Diversity
Read about our recruitment policies

All Australians are welcomed into the Australian Defence Force, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin or cultural background. We provide a supportive team environment and are committed to equality of career opportunities.

Women in the ADF
Learn about our commitment to equality

Across every one of our 200+ roles, the ADF offers excellent career opportunities for women. We champion equality and provide a uniquely supportive and inclusive workplace.

Explore opportunities for Indigenous Australians

Learn about the benefits thousands of Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders enjoy, including financial security, rewarding work and personal development in jobs that include representing and mentoring in communities.

Our Heritage
Learn about our century of proud service

When you join the Australian Defence Force you become a member of a proud and honourable organisation that can trace its roots back to the late eighteenth century.