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Your Degree

Choose from a range of UNSW degrees, each of which leads directly to an Officer role in the Navy, Army or Air Force. Read the ADFA brochure here to learn about the world-class degrees, and unrivalled military and leadership training you’ll receive at ADFA.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineers work at the cutting-edge of engineering designing, manufacturing, and maintaining ADF aircraft and space vehicles.

Civil Engineering

A degree in Civil Engineering will provide you with professional engineering design, construction, and management skills and an interface with other engineering disciplines.

Electrical Engineering

Graduate as a driving force behind the Australian Defence Force’s high-end technology, working in areas such as radar, communication, weapons systems, or space.

Mechanical Engineering

In a Mechanical Engineering degree, you will develop a knowledge for a diverse range of equipment used by the Australian Defence Force, including ships, tanks and weapon systems.

Naval Architecture Engineering

A Naval Architecture degree will have graduates take responsibility for the overall design and integration of systems on all types of ships and marine vehicles.

Computing and Cyber Security

Build on computer science and mathematics fundamentals with a focus on both theoretical foundations and practical approaches to computation.

Technology (Aeronautical Eng)

Build a solid foundation in engineering technology, specially developed to meet the needs of the ADF and accredited by Engineers Australia at the Engineering Technologist level.


Develop the capacity for critical analysis and argument, as well as an awareness of the value of language as a political, intellectual, creative and communicative tool.


Enhance your business acumen and develop the knowledge and skills to interact effectively with external businesses as you progress towards becoming a future leader in the ADF.


Gain a diverse understanding of the physical and social world, from chemistry and physics, to large-scale behaviours of oceans, to computational techniques and data analysis.

Your Training

Intertwined with your academic studies, you will undertake military training and education to equip you with the knowledge, skills and attributes required of an Officer and leader in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Joint Military Training and Education (JMET)

ADFA's Joint Military Education and Training (JMET) program establishes foundational military knowledge for Trainee Officers (TOs) in the profession of arms. JMET is divided into five core modules: Foundational Military Skills, National Security Policy and Strategy, Character Leadership and Ethics, Technology and Capability, and Joint Warfare.

JMET integrates the professional military education of TOs with the academic program to establish foundational skills and historical, philosophical, and technical literacy. The ADFA program of JMET and academic studies encourages curiosity and critical thinking so that TOs understand their role as leaders within the ADF, and their services contribution to the Joint Forces.

The program covers:
  • Physical training
  • Weapons training
  • Drill and Ceremonial
  • Field craft
  • National security, policy and strategy
  • Character, leadership and ethics
  • Technology and capability
  • Joint warfare

Navy Single Service Training (SST)

During your academic semester breaks, you will have the opportunity to conduct work experience and training with your chosen service and within your chosen area of employment. Navy SST furthers your skills, knowledge and attributes gained in your first year in the Navy, and provides you the opportunity to undertake work experience and training in your chosen specialisation.

  • Seamanship and mariner skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Navy culture and traditions
  • Professional development work experience and outplacements
  • Degree related work experience

Army Single Service Training (SST)

Army SST gives you the opportunity to experience life in the Army and gain core Army leadership, technical and field skills.

  • Weapon handling
  • Field craft
  • Radio communications
  • Leadership training
  • Work experience
  • Combat fitness

Air Force Single Service Training (SST)

Air Force SST gives you the opportunity to experience life in the Air Force close up. It generally takes place for varying periods at the beginning and end of each year.

  • Air power knowledge
  • Military justice
  • Drill and ceremonial
  • Leadership and management
  • Communications
  • Weapon training
  • Work experience
  • Ground defence training

Gain additional assistance

UNSW offers a number of bonus point schemes which can help you gain admission. If you are eligible, these bonus points, combined with your ATAR may assist you in meeting the UNSW Canberra entry requirements.

HSC Plus

This program awards bonus points to Year 12 students who perform well in subjects relevant to their preferred UNSW degree.

Elite athletes and performers

This program awards HSC bonus points to Year 12 students who have excelled in areas of sport, academia, performance and leadership.

ACCESS scheme

The access scheme promotes equality in education access. It provides consideration for applicants who have experienced long term educational disadvantage.

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