What is DUS?

Whilst studying for a job-relevant degree at your choice of accredited university, join the Australian Defence Force (ADF), have your fees paid for, earn a salary while you complete your degree, and walk straight into a great ADF role following graduation.

Complete your studies with a salary

Apply for a role in the Navy, Army or Air Force while still studying for a degree at any accredited university in Australia. If you are accepted for sponsorship you will join your chosen Service then concentrate on your studies, while enjoying a salary and many other benefits.

What you'll love

A guaranteed job on graduation

Assistance with your HELP fees*

Textbook reimbursement

Subsidised accommodation

Free dental and medical care

Professional development

^ Salaries of up to $47,715 for undergraduates and $66,226 for medical graduates.
*  From the point your sponsorship is approved, the ADF will pay your HELP fees up to the Commonwealth Supported Place amount. Should you be accepted to continue double degree studies, only the eligible sponsored degree units will be paid for.

What you need to know

You're sure to have questions about the degrees that qualify for sponsorship, where those careers will take you in the future, and what your commitment will be. You'll find all the answers here.

Courses That Qualify

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Job Search

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Frequently Asked Questions

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